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Modern Living Room


The 27Interiors design philosophy is based on a Chinese proverb that goes as follows: 



‘If you want to stir up the Chi (Life force energy) in your space move 27 items…’

Perhaps your space simply desires a little change up. It may be as simple as having a stylist see things from a different perspective. Often just moving some items around already changes the space dramatically. Either way, our stylists come with the knowledge to create beautiful spaces from start to finish.


We provide a range of design services for residential and commercial spaces of all sizes. Our focus is on creating well-thought-through and functional spaces that reflect the personality of our clients. 

We provide a full turnkey service, including renovation and remodeling, interior decorating, and space styling.

We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and preferences, and we'll provide a detailed design plan that reflects your style and personality.


Image by Spacejoy
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